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Our Family Trip to Nairobi Safari Walk [Photos]


I totally love Sundays. Because it’s when my three boys and I get to spend the whole day together. We often start off with church in the morning, then find stuff to do for the rest of the day. Sometimes we go out to grab lunch at some mall, sometimes we just laze around the house, sometimes we visit places, many times we hang out with the larger Wanyama family. But whatever we do, we’re always together on Sunday.

So the other Sunday we went to the Nairobi Safari Walk. We hadn’t been there in a while –last time we were was when Baba Kitty and I were dating a couple of years ago. Now we were back there with our two kids. God has been good.

Here are some photos of our day at the zoo.

Totally enjoyed this moment when Kitty aptly played the role of ‘big brother’ :)

That moment caught my heart. Hope he will always guide his little brother Ello that way as they grow up.


The trip to the Safari Walk brought me memories of my own childhood, when my parents would take us to the same place. I remember there was this gorrilla (I think?) called Sebastian. He was huuuuuggge! I donno what happened to him but atleast I was happy to see that his memory lives on.

And that was another Sunday well spent with the boys.




  1. Oh wow, your sons have grown so much! Family days out are so much fun. I remember going to animal orphanage as a child with my family and I have good memories of it. One day your children will take their children to the places you took them.

  2. Nice seeing family out & enjoying, I like taking my nieces there too. I remember Sebastian from my primary school days was a chimp – long dead now, the monkey’s with the long tails are colobus monkeys… bit of a nature nerd


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