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Of Kitty’s First Taste of Chicken…


Alas! I’ve just come across a photo that put a smile on my face.

It was for on Christmas day (that does not sound grammatically correct, but moving on) when we spent the day at Kitty’s grandma’s place with the rest of the family. Naturally, and as the festive season goes -food was in plenty and in lots of variety.

So as we were going about our business of munching on manner of sumptuous delicacies, Kitty got hold of this piece of chicken/chicken bone to nibble on. I don’t know how and when he got it or who gave it to him, all I remember is seeing him with it. At that time, I had still not introduced chicken in his diet.

And Kitty loved it.

He loved it enough to not let go of it all day long. It’s as though his fingers became super-glued to the chicken bone. He nibbled and nibbled and nibbled on it so much I thought the bone would vanish. Maybe he was nibbling on it so much because he was teething and I hear their gums itch a lot during such moments.

I tell you, no attempts of mine to take the bone away from him were successful. And when he got tired of holding it with one hand, he gently passed it over to his other hand. When I gave him a toy, he held the toy on one hand and held on to the chicken bone on the other. And when he was bored with the toy, when he needed to hold something else, he without second thought threw the toy down –but never the chicken bone.

Even when he cried he would cry while firmly holding the chicken bone up in the air. Even when I nursed him, he would do so whilst still holding on to the piece of bone. As time went on, I began getting a little bit worried as I kept wondering if he would ever tire of the bone.  At some point I even tried to distract him and then quickly snatch it away from him, but he was always two steps ahead of me in his thinking and would beat me to it. I never did manage to snatch it.

And when I tried to take it by force, he would put up such a spirited fight that I would just have to give up. I never knew Kitty had such strength because I was completely unable to wrestle the bone from his tight grip.

And even when he went to sleep, and he was snoring in deep slumber, he DID NOT let go of the bone.

Eehhhh Kitty kweli si utanionesha mambo! Need I mention his paternal heritage?




  1. One thing my dear you’re forgetting is that he’s a lunje and all the characteristics zinashow….at that age u expect that kwanza wen they are teething it gives you slot of worries coz u can’t tell what they wil grab and nibble their tender aching gums with!!! Otherwise welcome to the club na mambo baado…its kionjo prepare 4 much more..alot is yet to come…

  2. Hehhehe,
    First itme my baby had chicken too, never seen him eat with as much gusto.
    His dad a Lunje was very excited at being represented


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