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Of cockroaches and genetics


As Kitty grows, we observe him keenly, trying to see what features he takes from which parent. So far, I have given up trying to link any of his physical features to mine, as everybody who sees him says he is a photocopy of his father. I agree.

So I have started searching for other traits that he may have gotten from me. They are hard to come by but yaaaay, I have gotten one.

And it is that Kitty sleeps with his mouth wide open. I have tried so many times to shut his mouth, but somehow, even in his most deepest of sleeps he resists this. And on those rare occasions I manage to close it, the shut mouth remains only so for less than 2 seconds before it goes snap again. And even when he is doing nothing but just chilling and relaxing, his mouth is wide open. Now this behaviour – he got from me no doubt. Genetics is very interesting I tell you.

When I was young, I was this kid who always walked with the mouth open, and when I was asleep, the mouth would even be opened even wider. Those days, my mum always used to tell me to shut it otherwise a fly would fly right in or that a cockroach would enter inside. That gave me a serious phobia for them cockroaches but not them flies. Flies are small and not as scary as the big brown cockroaches.

Whenever my mum mentioned the word cockroach, it would scare the living chickens out of me. I would get terrified at the thought of a nyenje making its way inside my mouth and making a tour along the rails of my teeth before deciding to take a dive into my tummy by gliding through my soft throat. So I always tried to keep my mouth shut, but I rarely succeeded. Especially when I was asleep. Thank God no cockroach ever did enter my mouth. Fast-forward to decades later, the hubby tells me that I still sleep with my mouth open. I guess old habits die hard. But can you believe that in this my olden years I still fear that a cockroach will enter my mouth?

Now, each time I look at Kitty sleeping, I get so jazzed because I see myself. Makes me wonder if I should tell him to shut his mouth otherwise a cockroach will enter inside. I fear he may develop a phobia for them cockroaches for the rest of his life.

Either way, I feel proud that atleast he has inherited one trait from me:-) I shall keep observing him keenly to see what else he has gotten from me.




  1. And what traits has he got from his father?

    Bobo: All physical features -eyes, forehead, feet, height, facial expressions………etcetera etcetera. And how he burps too!


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