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Mental Health Challenges During and After Pregnancy


Hi friends, hope you’re well. Now, during your pregnancy, did you harbor very sad thoughts, or did you find yourself having a very hard time coping with the pregnancy? Did you struggle to like anything about the pregnancy? Did you have negative feelings towards yourself, your husband, or your unborn baby? Did you fantasize about death sometimes?

How about after the birth and within baby’s first year? Did you feel very sad, miserable, fatigued and with zero energy? Did you find being a new mom to be a very very overwhelming and stressful affair? Did you struggle to bond with your baby? Did you find yourself struggling to wake up, bathe, eat, take care of yourself and be around people? Did you find that even something as basic as breathing hard to do? Did you have thoughts about death, suicide or obsessive thoughts about harming your baby?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If you did, then you may have been undergoing maternal depression – that may have compromised the health and well-being of both you and your baby. You also probably know of a woman who is undergoing – or underwent such challenges during her pregnancy or in the first year after the birth of their baby.

That’s why I’m sharing details about an event which would be of interest to you. It’s the Maternal Mental Health Forum organized by Weza Dada Foundation. The event is scheduled for this coming Saturday 27 April 2019. Lunch and tea will be provided.

At the forum will be moms sharing their real-life stories of the mental health challenges they went through during their pregnancies and after they gave birth to their babies. There will be also professionals who, in addition to sharing their expertise, will also be available to offer free counseling services.

Charges will be at a subsidized cost of Sh200. See flier below for more details.

Please share this information with a friend, colleague, relative and other women in your network as it could be helpful to them too.

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