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Launch of Postpartum Depression (PPD) Support Group Therapy Sessions 

Samoina with her son.

Hi guys, I hope your week has been good. So let me take you back to the story of one mom I did by the name Samoina, a mother of a lovely 6-year-old boy. Now, Samoina suffered Postpartum Depression (PPD after the birth of her son, let me just quote her a little bit:

“The first few days of being a new mom were extremely hard. There I was, adjusting to having a new baby and still recovering from labour and my emotional mess. My newborn would sleep in intervals of only 15 minutes, which made me feel like going crazy.

Fatigued, sleep deprived and extremely teary, I kept telling myself motherhood was meant to be blissful, and I kept hoping things would change. But they didn’t, and only increased in intensity. Slowly, I started resenting my son. It was such as subtle, sneaky bastard feeling. My train of thoughts revolved around the idea that, if he weren’t here…

I also started struggling with anger; a bubbling rage and bitterness that I couldn’t understand. Some days were spent drenched in tears, others were spent yelling at my infant. A good number were spent staring at the ceiling, rocking a child who wouldn’t sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Once, it got so bad that I slapped my son who was just five months old then…”

Read the rest of Samoina’s story on this link.

What Samoina was actually going through, and which she didn’t know, was that she was suffering from Postpartum Depression (PPD). PPD can be so bad –I’m sure you’ve seen on TV, radio or read in the newspaper about mothers who have killed their newborns or committed suicide because they just couldn’t cope with all the emotions that surround new motherhood, and we just didn’t understand how a mother -the epitome of love, could be so monstrous…

Something that Samoina knows all so well. Based on her first-hand personal experience, she started PPD Kenya, where she’s determined to help as many new moms as possible who may be going through PPD or who went through it and still need support.

Today, Samoina has partnered with a professional counselling organization to start offering psychotherapy sessions for moms and dads affected by PPD and other perinatal mood disorders. So if you have a sister, colleague, friend or relative who has had an experience with PPD, kindly share this article with them. Also share it on your WhatsApp, Facebook groups and other places –you never know who it will reach and benefit.

Summary Details

When: Saturday 13th January 2018
Time: 11.00am – 1.00pm
Where: Princess Park Apartments, Kabarnet Road, off Ngong Rd
Cost: Kshs 2500 for all 5 sessions held on alternate Saturdays (payable through MPESA to 0717 040090)

Email ppdisland@gmail.com or call 0733 424 361 for more details

Also check the PPD Kenya website for more information.

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Winnie Knight and her husband.

“I’m So Grateful that my Husband Helps me out With House Chores and with the Baby Too!” -Winnie Knight. 

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Samoina’s photos by blackmerg studios




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