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Kitty’s First Day of School


Finally, Kitty started KG1 last week :) ! His first day was on Monday 13 January. It was a day I’d been looking forward to for a very very long time.

I’d been dreaming of how I’d assemble all his clean and neatly pressed uniform the night before, and how, on the ‘big day’ I’d dress him up in his new pristine uniform (don’t you love the look of new clothes on a child) as I smother him with random kisses here and there, telling him how he’s such a handsome little boy, and how I pray that he will grow up to be a fine young man. I’d be taking photos of him all this time by the way.

I’d for long been imagining how I’d hold his tiny hand as I walk him to his new class, casting smiles and glances at other little boys and girls starting their school journey too. I had for years visualized me giving him a big bear hug before handing him over to his new teacher. I’d still be taking photos remember.

Interestingly, I’d never imagined he would cry on his first day of school, and neither had I ever thought it would be hard for me to let him go. He’s a boy, so from the beginning I’ve always known that I have to keep mushy mushy sentiments at bay (ni mambo na kuwa omundu strong). And in the evening, I would pick him from school and listen to him rant about his first day at school.

Anyways, this ‘grand day’ finally arrived last Monday, 13 January. The day I’d been dreaming of for all those many years (about 3 years:) ).

Only that it didn’t happen the way I’d dreamt it would.

I wasn’t there to see Kitty on his first day of school. I wasn’t there on the night before to assemble his clothes. I wasn’t there to dress him up as I took photos. I wasn’t there to smother him with random kisses, and neither did I walk hand in hand with him, or give him that big bear hug as I handed him over to his teacher.

You know how it goes – we may have our plans all laid out, but then God has his plans too.

On Saturday 11 January, I underwent a medical procedure that required a few days’ hospital stay. So Kitty’s first day of school still found me in hospital. But it was okay. The doctors had set the date for the medical procedure early enough, so I had psychologically reconciled with myself into knowing that my dream wasn’t gonna pan out the way I’d planned it to.

So anyway, how was his first day of school?

Good, actually!

His dad ensured that everything went well for the boy. He made sure that he was all neatly dressed up, he walked hand in hand with him, and handed him over to his new teacher. And he was punctually there to pick him up when class ended. Plus he took a few photos of our boy’s ‘big day’.

In the morning, as I lay in my hospital bed, Baba Kitty provided me with regular updates on what was going on and how our boy was blending well with the new school and other pupils, even sending me photos. Kitty didn’t cry or anything after his dad dropped him. He just dived right into playing with his peers. His father had a few issues to do at the administrator’s office, and once done, went to check on our boy. He found him happily drinking tea and munching into a scones. So off he went to work. And that made me worry free. I felt happy.

Kitty loved his first week of school. He didn’t cry in the morning, took his breakfast well, and off he went with his dad after kissing me and his baby brother goodbye. In the evening, he’d return and begin excitedly narrating to me, his brother, and Aunty how he spent the day driving ‘Thomas the Train’.

I’m not up and about yet, so I won’t be able to drop him off or pick him up from school for another week or so. But atleast I’ll get to kiss and hug him just before he leaves in the morning, with the same repeated when he gets home in the late afternoon.

Meanwhile, I am grateful to God for this great milestone in my motherhood journey.

Soooo, what about you whose little ones began school this term, how is the going? How was their first day? Did they cry? Did you cry? Did you linger around the class needlessly, refusing to let go? :)

Have a blessed week.




  1. Kim and Justin are big but I still linger around. I cant help it and these days Justin sometimes refuses my kisses them infornt of their friends.My babies have grown but they are still my little ones.

  2. It’s strange I don’t remember how it went when my first born went to school for the first time. I do remember though how proud he was, every time I went to pick him up, to tell his friends while holding my hand “Yes, this is my mum!” Today is his first day to university. Yesterday I prepared uji for him because he was leaving early and he loves taking porridge in the morning. He might be a big young man now, I was still concerned about how his first day to university would be! Our LOs never become BOs for us mothers 🙂 All the best for Kitty on the road to knowledge.

  3. my Dad once told me parenting ends once one passes on.Am happy for kitty.Our son Adriel cried and threw tantrums the whole of last week.The drama used to start with waking up.Atleast this week he is improving.Had prepared myself for any eventuality.Quick recovery Mary Anne


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