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Kitty’s Chida ya Matamchi


Kitty is talking. Alot! He just can’t stop. And I’m loving, loving it so much- I remember dreaming of such moments when I would look forward to the day he’d mutter a whole sentence, and now that it’s here, I’m beginning to wonder how this moment suddenly caught up with me! Can’t believe my little boy is now 2.5 years old. Ohh dear, wasn’t he just baby Ello’s age the other day?

Anyways, I totally love how Kitty talks. Especially how he pronounces some words. When I hear him say them, I just smile and smother him with kisses.




Here are some of those words.

Samlia – Salimia

Katarasi – Karatasi

Fafaricom – Safaricom

Kamelele – Makelele

Kapita – Computer

Pissas – Slippers

Sosk – Socks

Kiribiti – Kibiriti

Fufuria – Sufuria

Otipix – Weetabix

Rerask – Relax

:) :) :)

That’s my lovely little boy. So proud of him.




What words do your kids mis-pronounce?

Have a lovely weekend.




  1. how sweet:
    I thought samlia was a jang’o thing. I
    have a relative(name withheld) and he used to say Crocoach to mean Coackroach. He was the sweetest:)
    congrats Kitty on this great milestone

  2. Quite Hilarious Mary Anne.My son turned 3 years in August .In addition to mispronouncing he is good at shrubbing.Men! Rs donot exist.E.g Maly for Mary. Futata for kifuniko,funikaka for funika, baks for basking in the sun.The list is endless. I feel sorry for him at times but i encourage him and i know he will get there soon.

  3. well…we have our own list


    such is life as we continue to learn….

  4. Awww…Kitty is talking! What fun 🙂 I remember having a full blown conversation with one of my daughters in the kitchen as I was washing up just for me to turn around and realize it was my then 2 year old Nyambu. All the while I thought it was one of the older girls. Lol. When she started talking Nyambu used to call milk ‘miraco’ and would call her sister Nakwavi ‘Ayey’ and Zainabu ‘bybabu’. Boy didn’t she shrub and still does at 4 years old. L is pronounced r. My 1 year old has picked up quite a few words such as ‘ba’ for bye, ‘mao’ for cat, ‘Abu’ for her sister Zainabu, ‘Avi’ for Nakwavi.

  5. Laughing out loudly…my baby girl turning 3 on November 5th has quite an impressive vocabulary…but she has an issue with s and ch…so you ask her something like ‘did you have fun?’ and she proudly answers..Yech…the funniest thing you’ll ever hear..always gets me!


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