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Kitty is 1 Today! Happy Birthday Kitty!


Today is Kitty’s birthday. Imagine a year is already gone by!

And today is when I mark my first anniversary as a mom. It’s been a journey and a half and I truly thank God for blessing of motherhood.

Birthday candle - 1

So what will I be doing today with regard to this our special day?

For starters, I will be home with Kitty all day long. Interestingly, my staying home with him and not being at work on this his birthday is not by design, it is out of inevitability because he’s had this fever from last evening which scared the living chickens out of me because I just don’t like it when he is unwell. I usually get very stressed and besides myself with worry. Anyway he’s been on medication since, we had a challenging night but we made it through and he’s much better this morning, temperature is down and I’m sure all will be well. I’m less stressed now thank God.

Alright now that we’ve established he’s better, let’s talk about what else I’ll be doing today.

First and foremost, I will be giving thanks to God. For everything.

The other thing that I will be doing today is smothering Kitty with all the kisses in the world a doting mom can give her son on his first birthday. I’m not sure he’ll cooperate but I’ll do it anyway. He doesn’t have much of a choice.

The other thing I will be sure to do today is to take a good photo of him. Taking him a photo on his birthday is something I intend to do every other year. It is something my parents did with my siblings and I when we were tots, and I definitely intend to carry on with this tradition because I think it’s nice.

How it used to happen when we were kids is that on each of our birthdays, one would wake up early in the morning, having barely slept at all due to the impending excitement. The birthday kid would then shower with Rexona, then oil themself with some shiny Vaseline whilst whistling all the while. The birthday kid would then put on their new outfit, all the while feeling like a king obviously knowing that the other siblings were jealous of them, especially because them they would just dress in their usual (old boring) clothes while the birthday kid has a new outfit. Grrrrr. After that, all of us, led by the birthday kid would then hop into the family’s prized possession – the Fiat 127, destination Nimmi Photographers on Ronald Ngala street. I donno if that shop still exists, but it was like our second home because we would be there every so often. It was a good photo studio where we would be snapped interesting photos, kwanza the ones taken where you were next to these props that you could choose to be photod with. My favorite was a tall flower vase.

Happy birthday theme 1

On each of our birthdays, my parents would ensure that we had good photographs taken, saying that it was always good to see how fast we were growing, to see where we’ve come from, and that we would enjoy this photos when we were older, especially when we would show them to our husbands/wives and our kids.

My parents truly have the wisdom of Job for the other day is when I was looking at my childhood photos and was filled with so much joy, so much nostalgia. Baba Kitty had quite a good laugh looking at them, ofcourse poking fun at me while  doing so.

Anyway I’m glad and very grateful to my parents for keeping these records. I have photos of my birthday every year from age 1 till I was around 12 years old. It’s good to see where I’ve come from, and see the resemblances that Kitty has of me when I was a year old. I’ll keep tabs of these resemblances as he grows older.

Its good memories to have, and that’s why I intend to do the same for Kitty. Beginning today.

So Kitty, say cheese :) !!!!!! Okay just say ‘tata’ –as you’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. Tata will work too.

Happy birthday our sweet and adorable Kitty! We love you lots baby boy and wish you God’s blessings.

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  2. @Kem thanks and we’ve already began clearing the house of all vases and other paraphanelia within his reach. It’s beginning to look like an empty room because the destruction has already began 🙂
    @Dorcas thanks, will keep you updated on where the party @. Hope your twin girls are good?

  3. Kitty, may u grow many more teeth this year, perfect your walk (hopefully it will have swag) learn a word or two to woo em’ girls and hopefully this is not the year u will discover the world is your urinal… kisses baby!!!


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