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Kitty Cutting His First Birthday Cake


Last Sunday, we had a family dinner hosted by MIL (Mother-in-Law) where we got to celebrate the April birthdays. MIL has this tradition of hosting family dinners during each of her children, their spouses and her grandkid’s birthdays. Which means we have a family dinner once each month because there happens to be a birthday or two in every month of the year. I like it because it keeps the family bond together.

So April birthdays happen to be Kitty and Mwarikwha’s. Unfortunately, Mwarikwhwa didn’t make it as she was with her newborn at home and with the chilly cold rainy weather, scary lightening thunder and all, it’s better for a three-week old baby to keep indoors.

So anyway, Kitty got to cut his first birthday cake, and I got to eat his piece -all of it. No no no, I aint gonna let Kitty have a sweet tooth, no way. Okay not when I have a choice about it. So I wasn’t gonna let him taste his cake, not even on his birthday. Mommy ate it all on his behalf :) .

So here is how it went down:










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