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Kitty and The Scary People Coming to Eat Him


The other day, I was at the supermarket with Kitty. Nowadays I like tagging him along with me when I’m doing my supermarket rounds because, well, I guess I just enjoy his company? We’re past the (supermarket) tantrums so we’re good now, unlike a few months back when I preferred to leave him at home. Nowadays, he understands it when mummy says she has no money (which is 99.9% of the time) to buy him all the enticing things he wants to pick from the shelves. He doesn’t make a fuss and leaves well alone. Good boy Kitty :) .

So anyway that day at the supermarket I was buying some braids and he was helping me select the specific color I was looking for. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard him let out a loud shriek. I turned and when I looked at his face, horror was written all over it. It was as though he was staring at a ghost :( .

This is how the conversation went after that.

Me: (panicking, grabbing him and dropping all the braids I had picked) What is it Kitty?

Kitty: Mummy those people they are going to eat me!

Me: Which people?

Kitty: (pointing upwards) those people there up they are coming to eat me.

These are the people that were going to eat him.

Naturally, I comforted him and assured him that nobody was going to eat him. No one at all!!

But yenyewe kusema kweli the more I look at those mannequins the more they look kaodo scary. If I were a three year old, I would definitely let out a scream like Kitty, hide behind my mum’s skirt and most likely wet my pants while at it.





  1. So funny but very true observation. Kwanza that mannequin with hair covering 99% of its face. Eish! That one will eat the rest of the mannequins first then embark on the next adventure.


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