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Kitty and The Car’s Broken Leg


The other day, my boys and I were taking an evening walk around the neighborhood when Kitty exclaimed:

“Mummy look! The car has broken it’s leg!”

Here is a photo of the car’s broken leg.

I totally love Kitty’s vocabulary, and the words he uses to describe things. The descriptions cultivated by the minds of three year-olds are quite interesting.

Anyway, he dashed to the car and tried to open its doors. Maybe he was trying to look for a ‘jeck’ (not sure of the spelling but I know that’s the right pronunciation). I don’t know if this is a boy thing that made him dash towards the car and inspect the ‘broken leg’ and possibly try to fix it, or it is just a natural curious thing that all kids might have. Because for me when I was a kid I highly doubt a car’s ‘broken leg’ would have caught my attention.

While realizing he couldn’t open the door, he asked me so innocently:

“Mummy have you carried a bandage for the car’s broken leg”?

Don’t you just love kids?




  1. And especially when they are at the age of discovery and always asking questions. I remember my son once asked me.Mami, what are those ‘sticks’ protruding from the cow’s head i.e horns.The best part is that we are always there to laugh at their statements and correct them, which they do not forget. #lovemotherhood.

  2. You brightened my day which was dull and cold. Last week I took the car to the garage and I got to explain to Adriel why we will not be using ” my blue car” as he calls it to and from school for a couple of days . The boy was like ” Mummy I call police come with a hanger, two of them and carry the car then fundi will make it. Then he went on” Ooh no I forgot to tell Daddy to buy my drama drama ( his code name for big cars) to take me to school. Laughing I did. Yaani innocently. The same week we had water rationing so I told him I will give him a bath using a basin instead of the shower. The innocent lad was like “Mummy tell Brian ( the care taker ) to call the truck then it brings hot water then I bath with big water. Don’t the small angels make our lives?


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