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Kitty and His New Bike -The Next Lance Armstrong?


So Kitty got his first bike, I had told you that here before.

Now, his new bike reminded me of my bike riding days when I was a little girl. They were plenty I tell you. I remember being taught how to ride a bike by my two older brothers (I love you guys) and as soon as I learnt how to, I never looked back. I became even better than them. I was the pro of the estate (in Buru we used to call them raonda’s). I became obsessed with bike riding.

Now, there was only one bike in the house, and it was my older brother’s bike. It had been gifted to him by our uncle after he topped his class that term. And my uncle promised that anyone else who topped their class would similarly be bought a bike. Needless to say that after I put my pen down after my last paper in KCSE is when reality dawned on me that I would never be bought that bike. The cute pink bike with beautiful rainbow-colored ribbons and a cute white basket that I had dreamed of since I was like five years old. I never did manage to top my class :( .

On a related note, me by the way I won’t be those parents who tell their kids that they were ALWAYS number one in class. Why some parents keep belaboring that point I’ll never understand. So who used to be number two, ten, fifteen, thirty six etc? Me I won’t tell my kids that I used to be number one in class, because that will be an outright lie and I’ll feel very guilty. Instead I’ll tell them that I always used to alternate between numbers two and three :) , hoping that all my former classmates at Nairobi Primary and State House will never reveal the truth of the matter.

So back to bike matters, like I said, I was a very good cycler (cyclist?) and once in a while, we kids from Nairobi Primary would be taken to the Children’s Traffic Park on Nyerere road over there near St. Paul’s Catholic Church to hone our cycling traffic skills. And I was always highly commended for my mastery and skill in bike riding and following the traffic rules. I was even waaaay better than the boys. But do I say?

I still love cycling, and any opportunity I get to ride a bike today I do it with full gusto. Which unfortunately is rare nowadays.  I need to buy a bike. Actually thinking about it, I will buy a bike so that I can ride alongside Kitty. I think it will be a good mother-son bonding session though I fear I might get carried away and leave him behind.

Anyways, back to Kitty and his new bike. When his father put him on it for the first time and tried showing him how to ride it, he immediately started wailing. Maybe it’s the culture shock or the fear of the unknown, because he demanded to be taken out of it immediately. The following day, early in the morning while in his pyjamas, he was more relaxed –he didn’t want to get on the bike but was more than happy to play with it by pushing it around. Here, have a look at how that went.

So anyway, I won’t give up, with time I know he’ll get the hang of cycling, and I’ll mentor him to be a better rider than I was. Friends, you’re looking at the next Lance Armstrong :) ! Watch this space.

ION, there is a blog I enjoy reading and it’s about the adventures of a Nairobi female cyclist. How she cycles in this Nairobi roads of ours is another story altogether. You can catch her blog She Cycles Nairobi here.




  1. Where do i start? I NEVER rode a bike… despite my dad taking us to Nakumatt Mega n we chomokad with 2 bikes, a big red one for me (i was the first born) and another for my 2 sisters to share since the last one was really young. And yes, u got that right, i never touched my red BMX, never even looked at it.

    I am happy to report my baby is a cyclist… a very serious one. But there is a but… she cannot take the peddle the full 360degrees… its always forward halfway then backward… forward then back… the bike moves yes, but at the speed of my pal Jackie, a learner, driving her car down Jogoo road… But with time i guess she will learn!!

  2. @Miss Babes what do you mean you had a bike and you NEVER rode it???? Wish that had been me! Hahahaha as for your baby gal taking the pedals halfway backward forward sideways nini nini…eish hiyo yote? Tell her to come to me for classes since I doubt her mom will teach her how to do it 🙂

  3. I got my spanking new red BMX bikr when i was in class 2. I was the 1st body of the estate, back then no one else had one..n it was huge…couldnt reach the pedals…but i still rode that bike..i hot older boys who wanted to ride it to push me first…the more n further you pushed me…the longer your turn on the bike would be…i miss my BMX…

  4. Ala, even you @Malaika you had a BMX? Weuuweeeee! Us guys my bro’s bike -the one we greatly coveted was a small black mamba, we envied kids who had BMX’s so much that in our minds we secretly wanted to trip them as they were taking a hidden corner. You and @Miss Babes certainly would’ve been on my mind!


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