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Is It Possible to Love all Your Kids Equally or is there Always a Favorite?


There’s something that a good friend of mine who is also expecting her second child shared with me the other day, and it kinda got me thinking. Her first born is five years old, and during this her second pregnancy, she’ been wondering how, or whether she’ll be able to love her two kids equally.

It kinda got me thinking too because maaaan, I have so much love for Kitty – a love that totally consumes my whole being, and with baby #2 on the way, I’m just a little bit curious. I’m curious as to whether all this many love I have for Kitty will have to split itself into two, or whether my inner wholesomeness being will have to multiplicate this love so that it can now be double? (donno whether that sentence makes sense but it’s the best way I could describe it).

So exactly how does this loving more than one kid work? My friend and I will be glad to know.


Are we just being naïve in thinking that one can love all their children equally? Is it just a myth? This thing that we sometimes hear of parents having a favorite child – ebu tell us, is it true? Ati even though a parent claims to love all the kids differently, there is always that one child who is more special, more loved than the others? Is this true?




  1. Personally i love both my daughters equally but i think i worry more about the little one because shes only learning to speak now and definitely more vulnerable. Whereas im less worried about my older one because shes very outspoken, confident and intelligent. She will not be silent if shes uncomfortable and will always ask a responsible adult taking care of her be it a teacher or a nanny if she needs something.

    But when it comes to love i love them both equally although they are different individuals with diferent temperaments but still very similar in appearance and voice.

    So there is the issue of being more protective towards the younger child especially when they are just infants but it gets easier as they turn 1 and 2 etc

  2. A mothers love is simply magical,its divisible by the number of children she has yet each child gets not an equal part but all the love her mother has got to give which is endless.
    I have 3 kids and i love them to bits,i cant explain the how part though 🙂


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