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I’m Obsessed with Poop!


It has just occurred to me that I am obsessed with Kitty’s bowel movement products. Especially now that he has just gotten off exclusive breastfeeding and is being weaned. Ohhh, how I love his poop!

Why do I say so? Because immediately I get home in the evening after work, what is the first thing I ask Auntie?

I ask her whether Kitty pooped during the day. And when she tells me he pooped, I immediately embark on doing a couple of somersaults in the air –exactly the way footballers do them after they score a goal.

Okay I do mental somersaults.

And then I ask Auntie to give me more details about the poop.

What color was it? What was its texture? Paste-like? Smooth? Hard? Was it a lot, medium or small in quantity? Did it smell lots? Did he poop more than once? Did he have any facial expressions while he was pooping? Was he making any sounds? What time did he poop? Was it released all at once or did it come slowly slowly or did it come in bouts?

In addition, the following behaviours have got me all thinking that maybe I seriously just might be obsessed with Kitty’s poop:

–          There was a time he had not pooped for five days and when he did, I immediately called his father who was at work to inform him of the good news. Despite his father being in a meeting and trying his level best to talk in a hushed tone and in monosyllables, obviously hinting at me that we could carry on the conversation later, I ignored his hints and excitedly kept going on and on about how wonderful it was that Kitty had pooped, and that his poop had been delivered in explosions. And I was speaking rather animatedly, and loudly. He later on told me that people in the meeting could hear what I was saying. Ooohhhh well.

–          Last Sunday, he was on the road from Nakuru when Kitty pooped three times within the hour. My excitement was just out of this world! Why? Because he hadn’t pooped for two days and this is the best gift I could have received on an easy Sunday morning (thank you Kitty).

And naturally, I had to tell his father of this wonderful development so I texted him, describing the poop to him in detail –in a very loooong SMS!

–          Nowadays each time Kitty farts –the ones that really smell, I with urgency stop all I’m doing and hurriedly begin peeping into his diaper –hoping to see the coveted poop. And I get very disappointed when I don’t see any.

–          Nowadays each time I speak to my mwarikhwa (or muiru or sister-in-law if you like), we spend a good amount of airtime discussing Kitty’s poop. Mwarikhwa, who has two lovely daughters has been helping me lots with my experience as a new mom, and most recently guiding me with the weaning process. We talk about what foods make him poop and which ones don’t. I must confess that each time I see her calling me, I start getting excited because among the many other things we’re gonna discuss, poop will be one of the top ranking ones. Yaaaay! Later on today I’ll call mwarikwha to discuss how her day at work was (in disguise because I want to update her about Kitty’s latest bowel movements).

And that’s why I’m beginning to observe myself and taking note that I’m becoming a fanatic of Kitty’s poop.

So tell me, is there something wrong with me or am I just another normal mom who is obsessed with her baby’s poop?

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Maryanne W. Waweru is a Kenyan mum raising her two sons in Nairobi. A journalist, Maryanne is passionate about telling stories and hopes that through her writing, her readers learn something new, feel encouraged, inspired, and appreciative of what they have in their lives. Maryanne's writing focuses on motherhood, women and lifestyle. "Telling stories is the only thing I know how to do," she says.


  1. Only a mum would understand why poop is sooooo important!LOL!
    I remember my obsession too with my duaghter till i discovered sometimes they just will not poop for 2 days.

    Just make sure he is taking water and his serving of fruit daily…LOL (again)good post!

  2. Mwarikhwa!!! Lolest!! I totally feel the obsession, well put my dear, and very excited about Kitty’s multiple poop in an hour-good stuff! I can only picture the excitement. May he continue and increase his poop rate completely. Cheers girl!

  3. lol, i know a mom who had the nanny save all the used diapers for the day so she could do a CIS of the ‘evidence’ herself. Enjoy they grow so fast!

  4. @Mwarikhwa, hope to see you over the weekend so that we can talk more *sly grin*. @Mama Azizi uummmm, saving the used diapers for inspection…okay I think i’m not that extreme…but anyway to each their own, but I totally understand her coz we’re all the same afterall:-)

  5. I concur with Santina. Only a mum understands the importance of baby’s poop. Take the advise of giving him water plus fruits and also foods with good fibre. I have been there too. Good post gal.


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