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“I’m Not Pregnant. Just Happy. Can’t we Just be Cool with That?” Tia Mowry.


Did you also grow up watching Sister Sister? I absolutely did, and I so loved the twins Tia and Tamera. Though I think I loved their mother more – Jackee. She used to be too hilarious. And I always used to feel so sorry for little boy Marques. He was such a cutie who never had any luck :).

Anyways, I still stalk Tia and Tamera, happy that they today have their own families. But as celebrities, they always have to deal with so much scrutiny, lots of positive vybes, but also so many negative comments. So recently, people have been body shaming Tia because of her weight gain. Sigh. You can never win with people I tell you. Watch Tia talking about it in the video below.

“We live in a society that is so obsessed with being perfect … Why can’t we just be us?” -Tia Mowry.

Have you experienced any body shaming yourself because of your weight? If you are a mum, you most likely have. How did you deal with it.



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