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How about Gifting Your Pregnant Girlfriend this Lovely Baby Shower Idea?

Photo Courtesy: Mother Care Africa Foundation

Hi friends, I was just thinking the other day -It’s been quite the minute since I last attended a baby shower… seems like all my friends have stopped giving birth, no? So anyways, in the past I’ve attended quite a number of baby showers (mine included 🙂 ), and it’s always such a joyous moment to celebrate the coming baby with the expectant mom.

So, aside from getting the expectant mom products as gifts, what else can you do for her?

Well, I’ve just come across information about an upcoming event that made me think that it would be a good idea for a pregnant mom. The event is about bringing pregnant moms together (their partners/spouses are invited too).

The forum, organized by Mother Care Africa Foundation on Saturday 14 July 2018 will have different topics for discussion that are so important, such as: preparing for labor and birth, information about breastfeeding and how to best care for a newborn. In case the expectant mom/dad has questions about motherhood or parenting that they’d love to ask, this will be a good forum.

So my thinking was –if you’re a pregnant mom, this is an investment you should consider. There’s plenty of benefits to interacting with fellow pregnant moms. Bond, form friendships, learn together, learn from each other; walk this parenting journey together.

If you have a friend, sister, colleague, cousin, neighbor, relative… and you’re still wondering what to get her for her baby shower, then consider facilitating her participation in this event. It will be such a thoughtful, memorable and beneficial gift to her -the information shared at the forum will be one that will last with her for years and years. It doesn’t matter if she’s having her first baby, or her second, third, fourth… there’s always plenty of benefits in hanging out with fellow expectant moms, and there’s even more benefits in learning together because you will be surprised at how much you don’t actually know.

By the way, I spoke to one of the organizers – Waithera, who said that she will give a Sh500 discount to any mom who says that she learned about the event from Mummy Tales. As you share this information with your friends, remember to mention that too! You can reach Waithera on one of the numbers in the flier; 0721 634 048.

Otherwise keep reading the stories of fellow moms on Mummy Tales, you never know what new thing you could learn today. If you like an article, share with a friend too.

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