Halima, the Only Woman in a Man’s World: Breaking Barriers in Turkana


29 year-old Halima Etaan is a wife and mother of three. There is a lot of road construction going on in Turkana County – where she has  been born and bred, and she is the only woman who is part of the constuction team. This is something that has never been heard of or witnessed before in Turkana, in a job that is largely considered as the preserve of men. But Halima is doing it -you know- operating those huge machines in her job as a Plant Operator, a job that she’s doing with such great passion.

Halima’s dream is to see more Turkana women break such barriers with her.

Halima’s story is definitely some good inspiration for many women, one that encourages us to break through the various barriers we come across – in our quest to achieve our career and life goals.

Be encouraged.




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