From the Diary of a Divorced Woman: Oops Zippy!


“I know its hard, but many women have passed through that road. You will leave him and then you go where? How are you going to survive out there as a divorced woman? Sweetheart, just stay strong, ignore everything he does, just decide and live your life like you are a widow…” 

This is an excerpt from the book: ‘Oops Zippy! From the Diary of a Divorced Woman’ by Dr. Zippora Agatha Okoth. I recently attended the launch of the book, and I bring you snippets of some of the conversations that went on. See video below.

The book is basically an account of the life of Zippy, a 25 year-old performing artist who falls in love with a young military man. It narrates their romantic love life that ended in an abusive marriage full of infidelity, physical abuse and finally trauma, following the loss of their son.

After repeated physical and emotional abuse, Zippy walks out on the marriage when her husband beats her in the public glare of strangers. She leaves the home they had built together and starts rebuilding her life from scratch.

I encourage you to get a copy of the book. You can get a copy of the book via MPESA BUY GOODS TILL NO. 510255.

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