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Facing Rejection at the Hands of a New Hairdo


So I undid my braids the other day and retouched my hair.

Now, I have very light hair and when I retouch it, it lies flat –flat like an envelope, and becomes thin –thin like a rake. This hairstyle usually gives me this almost-bald look. I don’t quite like fresh retouches on me because you can actually count the number of hairs I have because they appear to be very scanty. My good friend Irene says my hair is no different  from Yash Pal Gai’s. Hahaha (not!).

So anyway, when I stepped out of the house, I had a head full of braids that I’d been wearing for about 2 months. Those Afro-Kinky ones that really fill up the head.

Then when I returned a couple of hours later, I had the Yash Pal Gai look.

Each time I return home after being away for some hours, I’m usually welcomed by Kitty who is always being carried by Aunty. And he usually gives me a warm smile as he struggles to free himself from Auntie’s hold in an attempt to fly straight into my (ample) bosom.

But not this time.

When he saw me, there was no smile. There was no movement from him. My wide grin was met with a cold stare from Kitty. He appeared confused. I wondered what was wrong, and so did Aunty. Why wasn’t our boy happy to see mommy?

Aunty kept nudging him to go to Mommy but he held on tight to her, refusing to let go.

I became sad. He had this distant look on him, as though he could not recognize me, as though I were a stranger.

Undeterred, I took him from Aunty’s arms as I usually do, but he immediately began to cry. Ala! Whatisss?

He cried for close to 2 minutes as I tried to comfort him to no avail. And when Aunty took him back, he instantly stopped crying. Lahaula!

Then I took him back again. And he began crying all over again.

I tell you the boy was giving me the strangest look I have ever seen. He looked terrified. He for real could not recognize me. I think he was trying to remember where he knows me from, where he’s seen me before. How sad was I?

So I had to do something because I couldn’t go back to the salon and ask them to put back the Afro-Kinky hair. And neither could I keep doing the hand-over-to-Aunty-take-him-back-from-Aunty thing. I had to make Kitty realize that I was still the same person –just with a different look.

So what did I do?

What I did was I quickly unleashed nyonyo and thrust it into his mouth. Desperate times call for desperate measures I tell you.

And it worked for when I did so, he looked at me with a puzzled look, and after a few pulls, I saw his body relax and he calmed down. Phew! After nursing for about a minute, life went back to normal and he began touching my face and playing with my nose and smiling with me and looking into my eyes –you know – the usual things he does when breastfeeding. I was happy. Our relationship was back on track!

The power of nyonyo :)

As I wait for my flat hair to grow growth, tell me – has something like this ever happened to you? Where your baby didn’t quite recognize you?



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Maryanne W. Waweru is a Kenyan mum raising her two sons in Nairobi. A journalist, Maryanne is passionate about telling stories and hopes that through her writing, her readers learn something new, feel encouraged, inspired, and appreciative of what they have in their lives. Maryanne's writing focuses on motherhood, women and lifestyle. "Telling stories is the only thing I know how to do," she says.


  1. Ha ha ha ha! Maryanne; you always make me laugh so hard. But I know you’re not exaggerating. Kids are the first to notice their moms’ new hairstyles. Natasha started commenting on my new look as soon as she got a mouth.

  2. Hilarious!! Your hair sounds a lot like mine. I have like two hairs on my head and would not ever dream of relaxing it. I wear it natural. Probably would consider texturizing it to make it more manageable.

  3. @Tabbie thanks for the insight I guess it’s a sign of things to come for me. And kids I guess never lie -when your new hairstyle is bad, they’ll tell you like it is. We adults need to learn from them.
    @SheCyclesNairobi 2 hairs LOL! Me I’m scared of a short look so lemme just struggle with my abit long strands 🙂

  4. Waah….Maryanne you just have a way of bringing back memories from when my babies were Kitty’s age. Imagine they would refuse me kabisa till I mention nyonyo…these days my twin girls just stare for a few minutes then recognize me and relax. Though now I have very short hair. I cut it coz when I retouch it looks just like yours then when I sweat from the gym it shikanas kabisa and breaks alot. So I just decided to shave.

  5. LOL…. mara 10 to the power of a thousand.
    Ati what did you do? Nyonyo was the miracle that opened up Kitty’s eyes?
    No further comment let me re read this and continue roaring with laughter.

  6. Has happended to me too…and my baby’s nanny…kwanza hers…one look at her weave and he wept…MAWE i tell you…man against weaves my boy! but yes, kids notice, but with nyonyo, we are safe…power to nyonyo!


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