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Dressing Baby Boys is Quite Something!


I enjoy dressing Kitty. I like seeing him in new and different outfits. Problem is there’s only so much you can do with boys clothing. The variety in their attire is quite a challenge. Especially their colors. If they don’t come in blue, they come in a dull grey. If they don’t come in blue or grey, then there’s the unexciting boring green. And then there’s black –which I don’t need to dwell on.

Most boys’ outfits come in blue, but then if you decide to dress him in the many blue outfits, he may just end up looking like he’s wearing the same clothes day in day out, a.k.a ‘rewinding’.

Then there’s the other odd colors of white, red, yellow, orange and brown, which sometimes if you’re not careful, your boy might end up looking like a girl.

Let’s just say that whenever I go clothes shopping for Kitty, I have a look at all the girl’s clothing and I get frustrated,  bordering on madd. Because for every 1 piece of item I can get for Kitty, there are 20 lovely pieces that I can get for a girl. And I mean very lovely. And let’s not talk about the price differences between boys and girls clothes (and shoes too). Sometimes I look at that adorable pink or lavender trouser with cute frills and begin debating with myself on whether it would be so bad if I got it for Kitty. The outfit is usually just too nice for me to leave it.

Si if he just wears it INSIDE the house it’s okay? Si as long as people don’t see him then its sawa?”

And then I debate with myself some more; “What’s so  bad in a boy wearing pink, fuchsia or lavender anyway?”

But then sound reason quickly always prevails and I instantly drop the pink or lavender trouser like a hot piece of charcoal.

Moving on, there’s these outfits which when Kitty wears, his father reckons they resemble a prisoner’s outfit.

Yep, si you know many boys’ clothing come in stripes? Well, his father says there are ‘good’ stripes, and then there are ‘other’ stripes, the ones that look like a Kenyan prisoner’s uniform. The ones with large printed stripes.

Like these ones.

Oh dear, dressing up boy’s is quite something. The limited options! Anyone else feel me?




  1. hahahahaha.. i am dying from the 1st photo. I hadnt even read what u had said about it n i wa slaready like ‘Ngai, Kweli Kitty moved to Shimo la tewa n we dont know??” Hahahahaha….

    Very sorry. For me, shopping is easy. Kwanza, everyone in my life shops for Renee coz her clothes r so cheap n available. Even my dad buys her clothes (always orange)

  2. Oh Miss Babes you kill me -Shimo La Tewa???? Exactly his dad’s thoughts. And you can see it’s big and three-quarter so there’s a way it’s still gonna be worn for a while….:-)

  3. gosh… mama Kitty is there a matching cap for the black and white outfit? Hope not!!! As for miss babes wait until she’s 6 plus n declares everything u buy is ‘like…so last year!’Yes, girls are easy with all the frill but seriously mama Kitty boys are fun didnt u read nigel’s post on fashion madness some months back? when my son was little he hd so many clothes. i just went insane. he couldnt hv enuf jeans, shirts, t-shirts, boots, nikes,etc and accessories yes, accessories. Hats, sunglasses, watches, etc.

  4. @Mama Azizi Lol, thank God there’s no matching cap because that would complete the whole prisoners outfit and he would surely look like a little prisoner:-)

  5. I’ve a song for kitty: black zebra, green zebra, blue zebra… Which of these, dear mommy, makes me cute…

  6. Hahaha hiyo uniform ni ya kamiti kabisa!!! Kwanza comes in variations, general population, min and max security etc
    (i cant 4 the life of me rem what those clothes r called in prison… It’s not Maryamu, thats the vehicle, right? Nkt!

  7. LOLESTEST!!! Si I have laughed until I shed a few tears. Woi that three-kwonje black and white romper has won the day. Kitty will hide this pic on the roof top someday, just in case you are planning to develop the negative and preserve the memory in a Kodak album :-).

  8. @Mulamwa wewe cheka tu. Hehehe you know it’s so funny how I always thought Kitty’s dad was ‘hating’ on that outfit yet I thought it looked so cuuuuute and didn’t look like Shimo La Tewa-ish. But now I know better:-)

  9. Maryanne love your thoughts and how you pen them!!! Awesome, just wanted to add … yes boys stuff are hard to come by and if and when they do, as you so clearly said, yes, they are expensive. Wait til your son gets to the age of boxers, and size 5 onwards shoes…


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