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Do Baby Boys Wear Leggings???


So the other day, my mommy friends and I had gone to pay a visit to our buddy who’d just gotten a new baby girl. And while there, we got all talking about babies and other women stuff. So I donno what generated this conversation, all I remember is myself saying that I dress baby Ello in leggings –beneath his regular clothes (at this age we’re doing mostly rompers). And all the moms went “whoooaaaaahhhhhh! How now?” and I was like “allllaaarrrrr, kwani?

“Leggings are for girls!” they all said in unison.

Turns out that of all the eight moms that were there, only myself and one other mom had ever heard of this phenomenon of boys being dressed in leggings. They thought it abit weird that boys would be dressed that way.

Me, I honestly see no problem in dressing my boys in stockings when they are as young as Ello and slightly older. Ofcourse I did the same with Kitty but stopped when he was about a year and some few months old. I used to dress him up in stockings whenever it was cold, and he would wear them under some of his trousers that were light. When in chilly weather, I found that trousers often rode up and exposed his skin, and socks didn’t do much to help so stockings were definitely the better option as they kept both his feet and legs warm. The stockings were warm and comfy, and, isn’t that what we all want for our kids? :)

Me reckons its ok for boys to wear them stockings, as long as they’re not those colorful ones of those with flowers or frills or lace. Weeee, I dress my boys in boyish colors –basically the most darkest and most dullest ones you’ll find in the market. You know – the navy blues, dark green ones, dark grey ones, dark brown, red – basically those boring bland colors. And the occasional white one.

Sooooooo, is there any other mom out there who dresses her boy in stockings?

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  1. I still dress him in leggings.he is 2.8 years now and he has learnt how to remove socks,i dress him in leggings while in the house.

  2. When the cold season begun i noticed that rompers n onesies weren’t warm enough so i bought my son leggings they are really warm n as long as they are out of sight i think its acceptable to a certain age so keep your son warm that is all that matters


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