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Creating Awareness on Childlessness among Women in Prison

Editah Hadassa Trip

My friend Editah Hadassa Trip informs me that tomorrow, on International Women’s Day, the Waiting Wombs Trust will be visiting inmates at the Langata Women’s Prison in Nairobi.

Why female prisoners?

Well, Editah, who is the Waiting Wombs Trust founder, says that the purpose of this visit is to share the day with women who have been incarcerated and sensitize them on different sexual reproductive health issues, including:

  • Infertility and childlessness
  • Endometriosis
  • Menstrual health and hygiene
  • Mental health issues will also be addressed, because we do know that a woman’s psychological and general mental health can be significantly challenged when she’s dealing with infertility challenges.

“Childless women in our society face many challenges, and women in prison are not exempt. Someone needs to reach out to them and spread the love. We are taking up this challenge,” Editah told me.

Considering that many female convicts are of reproductive age –some serving short-term sentences, medium-term sentences and others long-term sentences, it is important for these conversations to be had.

You are invited to be part of this initiative tomorrow at the Langata Women’s Prison. You can also purchase a Waiting Wombs t-shirt for Sh700. See flier for more details. Or you could easily reach Editah on 0723 144 000.

Waiting Wombs Trust is a support group for women, men and couples facing infertility challenges, and is also an education and advocacy platform for various issues surrounding sexual and reproductive health.

Do you have information on any upcoming activity around women and reproductive health? You may share it with me on maryanne@mumytales.com

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