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Congratulations Mwarikhwa on Your New Baby Boy!


Today, I want to congratulate my good friend and sis-in-law (Muiru or Mwarikhwa) Carol on her new bundle of joy, baby Heri Kitalia.

Mwarikhwa and I go waaaay back; where we’ve been friends before we became family. She and I were in State House Girls together though she was two classes ahead of me. Then we attended the same campus. Then we also grew up in adjacent neighborhoods. Then she and my bosom buddy Irene were colleagues for the longest time ever. She and Irene are still very good pals too. Then we work in the same industry –the media. Then we hail from the same shags -Nyeri. Yeees, we are Nyeri women :).

Basically Mwarikhwa and I have since our teenage years floated in the same waters, and our circle of friends has almost always been the same. We know too many people together.

Then I heard she was getting married to Oliver.

Oliver, brother to Joshua -my long time buddy. I smiled. And I attended their lovely wedding.

Four years later, I got married to Joshua, brother to Oliver. I guess she smiled. And ofcourse, she attended our wedding.

Clad in outfits gifted to us by our mum-in-law.

Anyhooooooo, today’s post is about baby Heri, who was born two weeks ago. His older sisters Tutu and Wema have never left his side since he arrived home. And to be honest, neither have I. Nowadays I look for any opportunity (excuse) to go over and visit them, because it’s so much fun hanging out with Mwarikhwa and her family.

Our stories with Mwarikhwa somehow never end (to the dismay of Oliver and Joshua), and there is never enough time for our unending tales. Heh, si we can talk! We always leave the stories hanging and ‘to be continued later’.

I also love hanging out at theirs because Tutu and Wema form good playmates for my Kitty, the perfect company he needs right now as he’s learning how to walk, talk and fight for himself.

So congratulations to Carol and Oliver on their new bundle of joy baby Heri, who shares the name ‘Kitalia’ with my Kitty. It’s our father-in-law’s name, a unique Bukusu name I must say.



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  1. >Wooow! Thanks Mwarikhwa! Lovely post. Grateful to God for you as my Muiru/Mwariks, love you girl. Tumetoka mbali na twaenda mbali! Grateful too for the gift of motherhood, it truly is a great honor and responsibility. Haya, can you plan to land early tomorrow and the stories can continue and maybe knish properly…if that’s even possible..lol!


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