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Aqueous Cream: One of my Best Discoveries for Baby’s Skin


Those days, when I was a new mother –with Kitty, my tentacles were always out looking for all things nice and good for my cute little baby. I found some things, some things I didn’t find. The things that I found –some I liked and still continue to use, others I didn’t and just dropped them.

One of the products I was very particular about was what I would use on my baby’s skin. You know how sensitive and delicate baby’s skin is, so I wanted to get something that would not cause any adverse reactions on him. So I did what most mothers do best -ask around for advice from fellow mums. Mums always know best. :) The first mum that I consulted is my very good friend Mwarikhwa Carol, who told me to consider getting some aqueous cream. Mwarikhwa had been a mum for a couple of years and so I trusted her word. So I went and got me some aqueous cream from the supermarket. And how did that go? Well, read more about that experience on my guest post over at Mums Village.

Mums Village is an interesting resource center that features lots of information about motherhood and you can find a couple of my blog posts there, as well as those of other mum writers and bloggers in Kenya and in the diaspora.





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