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And Now We’re Walking! Almost.


Kitty’s been achieving some major milestones of late. From crawling backwards, to sprouting teeth, and now he’s making attempts at walking. I know this will sound too cliché, but he’s growing up so fast!

Right now, he’s taking little baby steps, doing so while supporting himself against a sofa, table or while guided by an adult.

What he does is once he is on his feet, he takes a few huge leaps and with such syke, as though he were hurriedly rushing for a meeting which he was late to. Oftentimes he has this wide grin on his face, which he accompanies with some cheeky laugh –indicative of how very pleased he is with himself at his achievement. Then as he steadies on, his steps soon become slower as he begins getting tired. And no sooner, his legs become too heavy for him to lift. And it is at this juncture (yes Mama Tiffany, juncture!)  that he starts dancing on the spot. His dance moves basically constitute jumping up and down, like the way the Rare Watts of the ‘Win a Car Dance Competition edition 1990’ fame used to do it. Kitty dances for a while and when he gets completely tired, he without warning drops himself onto the floor –buttocks first, then refuses to move and looks up, waiting for someone -anyone to say something or do something. So what we usually do is clap for him for his efforts. And as we clap for him, he joins in the clap and begins clapping for himself.

Anyway, here are some photos of he practicing how to walk, being guided by his cucu, who totally loves hanging out with him.


Oh and then I came across this West African proverb that I thought was apt: “By crawling, a child learns to stand




  1. shosh knows best… too cute!!

    ION, If you have any flower vases, a high TV stand, any decoration that is Kittys height.. u may want to put them in a box n store them away… dont say i didnt warn u. Oh, and cover all sockets with masking tape… u can thank me later!

  2. @Rach do you mean to say that I might have to mount the TV high up on the wall like they do in them pubs & restaurants? And yes Kitty has a knack for all things electronic, evident by the way he dives for the radio and TV cables on the floor. It’s time to shift them I guess.

  3. Hahahahahha you know you are going to kill me with this ‘juncture’ issue!!! yaani seriously at this juncture an just gon roll on the floor, you are funny.

    I am fery fery happy for Kitty for Whoreffaing like that! Funny part- ‘…….he were hurriedly rushing for a meeting which he was late to….’ so cute!

  4. Congrats! He sure is growing so fast. Rach is right. 10 years later all my nice nacs and wall hangings are still in storage. My china cabinet and kitchen cabinets have safety latches and all sockets have baby proof covers. Also, all side tables, coffee tables have corner pads helps when they’r moving around to protect little heads from them sharp corners.(all items available at Nakumat)The stove, fridge, dressers and book shelves are secured to the walls. For the stove get a oven lock and knob covers. For the TV, DVD and stereo use a baby proof shield which is a clear plastic cover that attaches to the front of the controls. You will also need a wire guard which covers up all electronic wires. Btw, the toilet might need a latch if Kitty gets around like my boy did. And remember to secure doors especially going to stairs, balcony, etc. My boy once went on a “walk” barefoot in the snow while his dad napped. Lol. Enjoy!

  5. Oh My @Mama Azizi! I had to read your comment like 10 times over. Let me just say that I need a crash course from you. BabyProof 101. Wololo! Thanks for the very helpful info.

  6. Rach is right,mount your TV,learnt the hard way after i found energizer bunny hanging on the tv,feet dangling a few feet from the floor.I grabbed him then fainted 🙂

    Aren’t cucu’s just the best!

  7. Woi… Santina.. if i was in that house id have helped u faint. My pal came home to find her 2 daughters had done some washing for her…. It was her TV. #FAINT WAKE UP THEN FAINT AGAIN

  8. Rach!what!a double faint!
    Reminds me of when the same boy who was dangling from the tv decided my laptop needed a soak and it was not even an year old.I did not just faint is all i can say …

    Maryanne be ye warned by these experiences…lol!


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