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Am I Really That Old?


When I was a little girl, say when I was in around class 3, I remember one time my mum dropping me in school (which she always did), and me looking up at her and thinking gosh –my mum is really old. But it wasn’t just my mom. Every adult in my eyes was old, starting with the teachers. Especially the teachers.

In my eyes, my mum was old. Like old old old. My friends’ mothers too –I found them old. Quite old actually. They were like Methuselah.

So yesterday, as I was dropping Kitty to school in the morning, I began thinking. And doing some mathematics. When my mum was at the current age I’m at (35), she had four children. My sister was in form one, my brother in class six, my other brother in class four, and myself I was in class three.

And when I was in class 3, that is when I was thinking that she was very old. Like old old old. Like Methuselah.

Now me, in this my current age, I have two children. The older boy is three years old, and his younger brother is just a year old. Kitty, God willing will be in class 3 in six years’ time. How old will I be then? I don’t even know how to calculate that one.

So, I wonder, will Kitty think of me as an old person when he reaches class three? Will he look at me and go like “Yenyewe mathe is old. Like old old old. Like Methuselah. *sigh*.

We will wait and see. Meanwhile, I will continue thinking of myself as a spring chicken :).

Have a lovely day.




  1. Interesting……come to think of it. Get encouraged my dear. Times have changed. We stay in school longer. Hustle to get jobs, get married when we are older. Like two years ago I did the same Maths and it didn’t add up. By the time my dear mum was 28 years she had just downloaded her fifth and last born. Me when I was that age I hadn’t even thought of babies. Wacha tu! I am like by the time our son is getting to class 8 I will be heading to late 40s Yaani watasoma na pension.Some how God will see us through

  2. Ha ha ha…my class 6 does this math for me all the time and she loves reminding the elder bro that when their baby sis goes to class 1 he will be in university. He gets so mad! lol. As for me, watcha tuu… scary I don’t want to do that math!!! When the same class 6 was in pre- unit her classmate mistakenly told another classmate that her “gukha” had come to pick her! He was the dad!


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