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About Last Saturday’s Event and How I’m Resuming Doing Mummy Tales Videos


So, I actually have a YouTube channel! Yep, its been around for like 5 years. I started it about a year after I started the blog, only that I’m more of a writer (print) than a video person (broadcast), so I have always tended to flourish more on the writing side. So far there are less than 10 videos on that my channol, surely, in five years. Sigh!

So what I want to do now is to revive my (very amateur) video skills as sometimes I feel that some content that I come across that I’d like to share with you would also be good in visual form. To be honest, I’ve been procrastinating on doing videos for years, but now it’s time. So in coming days, I’ll be sharing more content on my YouTube (mummytalesmdogo mdogo tu until I get the hang of it. Subscribe to the channel to get alerts whenever I put up something new.

Okay so I attended this event last Saturday, and I have literally spent all my free time (endless hours) since then trying to edit this video (video editing is so much work wueeeh!) but oh well, I’m happy that it’s finally done. I’ll improve on the next one and the next one after that and then like that like that 🙂

The video is about the event –JASIRI by Sitara, hosted by Njeri Ngige. The panelists included couple MaqC Eric Gitau and Ythes (Waithera) talking about their marriage, Chris Lyimo talking about recovery from alcohol addiction and marriage, in his 40’s to Wandia Njoya. Then Njeri shared a bit about her recent divorce experience. I’m still trying to figure out proper lighting while recording, so hence I didn’t manage to effectively capture the video clips of the other panelists save for Chris, because each time I tried to do so the entire scene was just black 😮

So otherwise you watch the video and by the way if you know of any recovering alcoholic, share it with them, because I believe what Chris shared would be very helpful to them and their families. See the video below.

Feel free to also give your feedback 🙂






    • Hi Mkamboi it was great meeting you too, and congratulations on Saru Organics, I’ll be sure to try out some of your products. I loved your ‘moringa’ story that inspired you to start Saru Organics. May God flourish your business.


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