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A Village Easter in Nyeri


How is the mid-week coming along? Settled back to work or your usual routine after the long holiday? Did you enjoy your Easter? Hope you did.

We did enjoy ours, which we spent in Nyeri where we were hosted by shosho Wachira (Mwarikhwa’s mom). It was lots of fun, having my boys experience village life with their cousins, and ofourse we parents got to have our relaxation moments away from the city.

Here are some photos of those moments.

There was cake as one of the little cousins turned 2 years.

The boy cousins having a moment in the early morning.

The kids got to watch lots of cartoon too. Not sure if that’s a village experience though :) .

Then there were the cows. And this is the closest the kids got to the cow shed. I have never seen kids so scared of a cow. Yet they are number one to eat beef :) . They were so terrified of the cows, any move the cow made was met with screams from them. As they watched from a safe distance, they kept looking at the cows as though they were monuments to behold.


They were particularly very scared of this black cow.

The girls found sticks (firewood) to play with.

Me taking care of my boys.

I didn’t have time to buy gumboots for Kitty in Nairobi, so we decided we’ll buy them in Karatina on our way to Gatitu. The only place I found his size was in some shop in the town, and since it was raining heavily, I just hurriedly bought the smallest size they had, though it was a size or two bigger than Kitty’s foot. And I was happy. Only for me to get home and realize that I had been given two left foots! The poor boy had to make do with two left feet the entire holiday! You should have seen him walking in them wooiiii! Anyway they served their purpose.

The kids having a ‘Kamukunji’ moment.

The mothers and their babies.

A very ‘success card’ pose from Mary Wanyonyi.

We had intended to take a walk to river Gura, but were very disappointed when we had to turn back because the path to the river was not go-able. It had rained heavily and it was not safe to go any further than where we had reached, yet we could see the river. The kids were very disappointed. Many of them have never seen a river before.

20 years from now, these kids will look at this photo below and say ‘kweli tumetoka mbali’. I know we all have such photos somewhere that when we look at we just laugh out loud :) . In this photo they are with their shosho Wachira.

It was a good Easter, glad to have made the trip. Now back to life in the city. Wished we coulda stayed in the village a little while longer.




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