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3 Important Pieces of Advice from Tanzanian Mom Gladys Simbaulanga


I recently met Gladys Simbaulanga, a secondary school teacher from Tanzania. She is in Kenya currently undertaking studies in German and French at a local university. Gladys has been in Kenya just a few months, and so far loves the hospitality we have extended to her :). Gladys has been blessed with three beautiful children –one boy aged 13 years and two girls aged 8 and 3 years.

Having being on this motherhood journey for more than a decade, raising her children together with her husband, I asked Gladys to share with us a few snippets of wisdom with regard to motherhood. These are her pieces of advice:

  1. Spend time with your Children

It is very important that you spend quality time with your children. Don’t look for excuses as to why you cannot spend time with them. If you are looking for an excuse, trust me you will always find one. And if you want to spend time with your children, trust me, you will find time because you will create it.


  1. Love your Children

On a regular basis, tell your children that you love them, no matter how old they are. Remember that it is not only enough to show them that you love them, but say it out loud to them too.

Telling your children that you love them, and showing your love to them will make them grow with confidence. They will know that no matter where they are or whatever challenges they may be going through, someone somewhere deeply loves them. They will never feel neglected.

  1. Share your Children with their Father

As mothers, we should not be selfish when raising our children. Let us raise our children together with their fathers. Teach your children to love their father as well. Allow the fathers to love their children too. No matter the differences you may have with their father, let your children know that he loves them, and do not speak ill of him to them.


Those are Gladys’s snippets of wisdom with regard to raising children. Do you have any snippets you would like to share as well? Email me on maryanne@mummytales.com together with your photo.

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