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10 Updates on Kitty: This is What He’s Up to Nowadays


Kitty is 14 months old, is continuing to achieve milestones. This is what is happening with him right now:

1.    His vocabulary is getting much better. He’s added a few words to his vocabulary, the most interesting ones being ‘sos’ (what he calls his grandma –shosho), and vaa (when he’s giving you his shoe and requesting you to valisha him so that you can take him outside for a walk).
2.    He knows how to dance. And when he wants to dance for you, he chants  ‘dasss dasss dasss’ and when he has your attention, he then goes ahead to perform a jig for you.

3.    He has been to a bouncing castle, and being in it for the first time was pure bliss for him.
4.    He often keenly watches me as I comb my hair and I have observed him, on many occasion -quietly sneak into my dressing table, take my comb and then try to comb his sparse hairs. Often times the comb will be upside down, but as long as he understands the know-how, I’m good.

5.    He is very curious and wants to explore, discover and investigate everything. Kitty is always trying to figure out why his little ball rolls away when he kicks it, what will happen if the throws a cup down, why the toy car’s tyres go round and round, exploring what’s in all rooms…and we’re always running after him as he does so, careful that he doesn’t get into any trouble.
6.    He can repeat things all day long until you give him an ear. If you’re not listening to him, he’ll come and begin tagging at your clothes until you stop whatever it is you’re doing and listen to what he has to say and respond to his question/statement. And he doesn’t get tired by the way. You’re the one who has to give in. Ignore him at your own peril.


7.    He got his first bike. But is still too scared to ride in it. He’s much happier pushing it, pressing the horn and trying to remove the pedals.
8.    Kitty loves making music. Cups, spoons, plates, mwiko’s, sufurias and bowls are his instruments of play and he spends the better part of the day hitting and banging them together, totally enjoying the sounds they make. NEMA should catch him because the noise he makes can be quite ummm….not silent?
9.    He knows money. There are times I’ve been counting notes (not coins) and I have once or twice caught him giving me the side eye ;)

10.    He is an adorable lovely little boy; my sunshine. I love him so much.

That’s all from Kitty. How about you? What’s new with your little one/s?




  1. No.5 is a boy thing it seems…when baby J plays with his toy car is eyes are always on the wheels, even when we take walks he is fixated on cars, big trucks etc…..Kitty is growing, am waiting for pics of his first day at school.

  2. Yeah Santina, I noticed the car thing too -when we go out each time he sees a car he automatically starts saying rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… implying the noise the car makes. Interesting. And yes, I too can’t wait for his first day at school! I think that one even I’ll make it into a documentary waaaahhh the excitement!

  3. I love no.5 how he wonders about what will happen when he throws a cup down..(eeeehhh break?). The innocence of kids. I like the fact that the is a curious one:). Prepare to buy many cups to replace. My little Ian is teething, the drool nayo? at times I wonder whether after all that drool he has any saliva left:(

  4. @Chelimo I hope your LO doesn’t put your phone in the mouth because you’ll make endless trips to the fundi or to the store to buy a new one.
    @Iddah if only you could make cash for every bucket of drool….you and I would be mega-rich! I remember my days, Kitty would drool too hehehe I actually miss those days. Siku hizi ni kajuaji sana 🙂

  5. Aaaawww cutie Kitty! How fast they grow! My Heri is now chuckling soo loudly when tickled around the neck…I find that too cute. He’s also ‘talking’ a lot in his bed when he wakes up in the morning 🙂

  6. @Wash ooohhhhh, our Heri is growing without me? How am I missing out on that? ION, are you prepared to go back to work? Your maternity leave is ending this week sindio?

  7. Woi homesickness kwa upana na urefu!!!! Kitty is beyond adorable. Aki check out that joy that is written all over his face while bouncing castling :-). Maryanne, perhaps you should consider investing your next pay check in a home edition bouncing castle for Kitty.

  8. the money thing. i say mine is a full kikuyu, he will never bother with coins, but wait till i open my purse and he takes a note..hiyo atalala nayo kwa mkono and you try to take it from him anaamka lol and he is only 1 year

  9. @Mulamwa woishe we miss you too! I hope you’ll be able to come over sometime next year.

    @Liz LOL, I so know that money thing buy yours wins -he sleeps holding it tight in his hands and notices when you try take it? Okay that’s funny 🙂


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