Two Female Teachers Narrate their Sexual Harassment Ordeals by the Uhuru Secondary School Principal


I came across this heartbreaking piece by journalist Judie Kaberia of Capital FM yesterday, which highlights the gender-based violence experiences that some women face in the workplace. In this case, Judie spoke to two teachers of Uhuru Secondary School in Nairobi –Ms. Ancellah Kessio and Ms. Mary Karimi, who accuse their boss Mr. Juma Duncan of sexual harassment. Incidents that have not happened once or twice, but severally.

The message Ms. Kessio received. Courtesy: CFM.
A message that Ms. Kessio received. Courtesy: CFM.

Watch the video that I have shared at the top of this page where both Ms. Kessio and Ms. Karimi talk about these sexual harassment episodes. In addition, I encourage you to also read Judie’s full article here: Teachers tell of death threats, sexual pestering at Uhuru Secondary School that will help you better understand this situation.

If you are facing gender-based violence and need help, please call the National Gender Violence Helpline (toll-free) number: 1195, and you will be assisted.

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  1. This is too sad. I wonder why they didn’t quit but then again it’s easy to judge when you haven’t walked in someone’s shoes. I hope they’ll get justice and healing.


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