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The Questions you Need to Ask When Interviewing a Nanny or House Girl


Hi moms hope your mid-week is great. So, what are the three main questions that you must ask when interviewing a house girl or a nanny? What are those things that you seek to find out from your prospective nanny -those questions that are so important to you? Well, in this new video, I talk about some of the questions that me I ask (that’s Kenyanese English 🙂 ).

I also talked to a few other Kenyan moms who also shared their top three must-asks. Watch the video and comment on it, and feel free to add the questions that may not have been mentioned but which you feel that are equally important and which fellow moms can consider asking too. Watch the video below.

Also remember to share this video with your mommy friends, because you just never know who could be in need of such kind of information at this very moment.

By the way, the BAKE awards happened last weekend. I didn’t win, but I’m so grateful to all who voted for my blog, and all of you who keep coming to Mummy Tales to read and watch the articles and videos that I create. I am ever so thankful. Let’s carry on in this motherhood journey together, where we learn new things each day, share with each other, and benefit from the experiences of each other.

Once again, thank you so much for supporting my blog, and now, my videos 🙂 . Blessings to you.

Love, Maryanne.




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