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The LG TWINWash™ Washing Machine now Available in Kenya

Nancy Dayo and Kate Makonyango at the event

Just the other day, I got invited to an event which I, unfortunately, couldn’t attend. I really wanted to attend it because the other invitees were mostly my fellow mommy/women bloggers and vloggers in Nairobi.

I find that being in the same forums as these ladies is usually so important because we get to bond, have a good laugh and basically just exchange notes on what’s happening in our respective fields.

Patricia Kihoro, Christine Khasinah Odero and Shiko Nguru at the event

As bloggers and vloggers (or ‘social media influencers’), sharing experiences is always so insightful because we learn a lot from each other’s different stories. And I know that this kind of networking applies to other fields too. Many are the times you think you’re going through something alone and then after chatting up your peers, you realize that you’re all on the same journey. A journey of joys and challenges. Networking is always so refreshing and comforting.

So anyway, the event was the launch of a washing machine – the LG TWINWash™. Though I missed the event, I was able to get some information about it and which I’d like to share here, just in case you are planning on buying a washing machine someday, or if you’d like to upgrade your existing one. Or if someday you hope to open a laundry business.

Milicent Wanjiru and Brenda Wanga. The event included a panel discussion on how technology has eased the lives of women.

So now, this machine comes fully equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows one to easily control and monitor the appliance from anywhere, as well as download wash cycles via the Download Cycle feature. Through this function, you can also be able to track energy use through the energy monitoring feature and diagnose any problems by opening the Smart Diagnosis™

Other features include:

  • You can wash two loads of laundry at once, completing both wash cycles in 49 minutes.
  • It has a main washer and mini washer that can be operated independently or simultaneously, enabling users to wash laundry items which require separate settings (such as colors and whites, normal and delicate items, large and small items as well as clothing for adults and children).
  • It comes with LG’s efficient Eco-hybrid dryer function

So that’s just a brief of the machine, which is available at the LG brand shop in case you’d like to check it out.

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