Moms in Business: Susan Aquila Mburu of Things & Things Kenya

Moms in Business: Susan Aquila Mburu of Things & Things Kenya


After graduating from Daystar University with a degree in Communication, Susan Aquila Mburu delved into the world of media. But somewhere along the way, she had a change of heart and decided to start her own business. I had a chat with this 29 year old mom about her entrepreneurial journey.  MT: Tell us about your business.

SAM: My business is called Things & Things Kenya. Its core business is to equip, skill and inspire women on matters revolving around home keeping, beauty and health.

Through my online shop I also sell art décor items which I create and make. Currently I have on sale scented candles and canvas painting.

MT: For how long have you been doing this?

SAM: For about 18 months and I love every bit of it.

MT: From having the idea to starting the business, please share that journey with us.

SAM: My background is in the media, and once when we were in the middle of shooting a Sauti Sol music video when one of the ladies I was working with complimented me on my ability to have quick answers to just about everything, referring to me as a ‘things and things lady’. Soon after I started sharing my ideas and wisdom on various issues that affect the Kenyan woman through a free website hosted by The internet had at the time many blogs which I felt were addressing issues from a foreign perspective, so I thought to localize it. The issues I blog on are relevant to Kenyan women.

MT: Is what you are doing now different from what you studied in college?

SAM: Yes and no. I have a degree in Communication so I guess that has influenced my blogging. I still freelance in media. But the art décor items I create and make have nothing to do with my BA degree. It’s the passion for art that led me in that direction.

MT: Many women say finding capital for their business idea is difficult. Was it the same for you?

SAM: It is incredibly difficult to find capital for a business. I’m still struggling to make ends meet since my business is still in the start-up stage. Were it not for the grace of God, my loving husband and parents, I wouldn’t have come this far. They have been my greatest support financially.

MT: What is the biggest challenge working for yourself?

SAM: The fact that you have to rely on your own perspective to make decisions, which can sometimes be wanting because it’s affected by your state of mind at that moment, your experiences and limited knowledge. When you have a team you get to share ideas and then decided on the best way forward given the difference perspectives shared.

MT: Tell us about your family.

SAM: I’m married to one man who works for a media production company. We have a four-year-old daughter.

MT: Has motherhood changed you?

SAM: Oh my goodness yes it has and a lot for that matter. I used to be a party person. Every day was a perfect day for a night out but now I’m home bound. I work from home and when I’m away an hour doesn’t go by before I think of my daughter and husband. I have become a mother, a cook and a home maker while before all I cared for was a cute clean house with noodles on the shelf.

MT: What words of wisdom will you give to your daughter as she grows up into a girl, a woman?

SAM: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you so never give up. Identify what you want, take it to the Lord in prayer and then go for it.”

MT: What advice would you give other mompreneurs?

SAM: Hang in there and don’t give up. Be patient because you will not realize the financial benefits as quickly as you’d like but in the end it is worth it. If your business is just about making money; walk away from it. You must have a greater vision.

MT: What does Things & Things have in store for it’s customers this festive season?

SAM: This Christmas, Things & Things Kenya has offers on gift hampers which can be customized by combining any of our scented candles. We have a corporate gift hamper for your clients at only Ksh 1,000, the serene hamper for Ksh 2,000 and the economy scented candles hamper going for Ksh 600.

We customize all our products so feel free to email me on with details of what you are looking for and I create the perfect gift hamper for you.

MT: Thanks Susan.

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