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Lending Out Your Maternity Clothes: Yay or Nay?


During the initial days of my pregnancy with Kitty, I once walked into one of the maternity clothes stores in town, had a look around then casually walked quickly right out. I was taken aback by the prices of the clothes. A top for Ksh 2,900? Maternity pants for Ksh 3,500? Waaaahh! With those prices, I did a mental math of the number of clothing items I would need to look nice, comfortable and beautiful throughout the pregnancy and I began having a panic attack. Surely the baby wasn’t even here and my wallet was already being threatened to be made as slim as possible?

That was one of the first lessons I learned about the pregnancy – that in addition to the gynae consultation fees, ultrasounds, jabs and lab tests, etcetera etcetera and ofcourse the money needed for the delivery (coz insurance wasn’t covering me), I had to factor in the costs for maternity clothes. And for someone like me who is budget conscious, the thought of spending that much money on clothing that I’d only wear for 6 months (and maybe one other time only) was abit discomforting.

Fortunately, there was Mwarikhwa :) .

Mwarikhwa, who has closely guided me throughout this motherhood journey, let me in on less expensive stores where I could buy stylish, quality clothes that were right within my budget. In addition, she lent me some of her maternity clothes since she wasn’t using them at the time. She saved me lots!

And that’s how I discovered that you don’t have to spend that much on maternity clothes if it’s not in your budget to do so, because there are lots of second hand stores around that sell some good stuff. Better yet, if you’re lucky, you can get a family member or friend – mainly those who are done with having kids or those who are taking a break between kids – who are willing to lend or pass on to you their maternity clothes.




  1. Reading this blog I just realized I don’t have a single item that I wore during my pregnancy. I can’t have any more children so after the birth of my only daughter I gave them all out but sometimes I miss them. I remember going for the Kirk Franklin’s gig at Kasarani Sports Center and the top and maternity pants I wore that day looked so hot….I’m happy I carried the only pregnancy I’ll ever carry with swag.lol

  2. First, i would not miss my maternity clothes coz i HATE THEM. And second, i shared mine (or did i throw them away??) And for this round, i will give my girl Hui-Ni who will still have a month to go after i download my peanut.

  3. First you look very nice in that top.I love the colours:) I agree maternity clothes are very expensive. I gave out mine when I was at home but unfortunately this time, I might throw them away if my baggage gets too heavy:)


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