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Kitty is Now Four Weeks in School: These are My Highlights So Far


Sooooooo, Kitty has been in school for about four weeks now. I’m totally loving this chapter in my (our) lives. So far, the highlights for me have been:

Labelling ALL his School Items

Let me tell you friends, si labelling school items is work!!!!!!!!!!! Since the little ones tend to lose things all the time, all their school items must be labelled. Thing is, I’m certainly not a sewing person, so trust me, that hemming stitch business has really been some work right there! Last time I paid that much attention to sewing was when I was in primary school – class 7 I think, when we tailored pyjamas – under the tutorship of the Home Science teacher Mrs. Kibugi who many a time would wrestle us to the ground if we didn’t do as she instructed or worse, when you forgot your sewing apparel at home :( .Anyways, now, there are two types of labels:

–          The ones where you iron on the name onto the clothes, and

–          The one where you sew on the name label onto the clothes.

I got the sew-on labels as opposed to the iron-on labels because of one main reason: My good friend Mwarikhwa told me they are better. Why? Because the iron-on ones tend not to last for long. Since Mwarikhwa has more years of mommying experience than me, and she has always been my consultant on all things mommy, and she has held my hand in this my motherhood journey since day one, I always take her recommendations very seriously. So I didn’t even bother with the iron-on ones, I went straight for the sew-on ones.

Signing his School Diary

The first week when everything was new and we were unsure about certain things, we used to communicate with Kitty’s teacher via the school diary – where she would provide clarification or give me more information on certain things. And vice-versa.

Let me tell you friends, the first time I signed that diary was an epic moment.

Signing that school diary made me feel like such an adult! Since when did I grow up this much??

In our days there were no school diaries, our folks just used to play guessing games as to what was needed or required by the school. They also relied on our memories, which were not exactly reliable. This school diaries thing is a very good idea. As the days have progressed and as the school routine has settled, the communication has gotten less, but teacher and I still keep in touch –via the same diary.

Attending the First Parents Meeting

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! My first parents meeting happened last week Thursday! It was a day that I had really been looking forward to. That day, I was attending a multimedia journalism training at Internews Kenya, and I had to excuse myself early so that I could make it on time for my FIRST parents meeting at 4pm. Everyone around me knew that I was attending a parents meeting at my son’s school because however hard I tried, I could not keep that crucial matter a secret. But now with this Nairobi traffic I got to the school at around 4.30. Better late than never.

So the parents’ meeting was basically about meeting their child’s class teacher as a group, and her taking us through what our kids do during the day – right from when we drop them in the morning till when we pick them in the evening. We also got to ask her any questions we had.

I love my son’s school, it was my first stop when I was window shopping for a school (I went to four other schools, and none left an impression like this one did). I’m glad he got accepted, and I am happy with everything so far. Otherwise me I’m telling you I’m very excited about this whole school thing. Me, a parent attending a parent’s meeting at MY child’s school? Waaaahh I’m so grateful to God for this milestone. Sema excitements of a newbie :)!




  1. Mary Anne we are in cloud nine with you in this business. Si am over the moon since i joined the club of parents with school going kids.I always look forward to picking him from school and he relates what he learnt,ate etc.In addition to seeing a positive change in him. I did also attend the parents orientation meeting.Interesting it was being taken through what they learn,dos and donts,expectations.Yaani i totally thank God.The downside is the constant bouts of colds.Men ! Adriel is on his second bout within three weeks.Not funny at all coz he may infect the younger sister.Oh one last thing i enjoy is signing the diary and homework.

  2. Congratulations on your first parents eating Mwariks! Now you are a fully fledged parent of a school going child. Soo happy for Kitty and thanking God for the wonderful, heart warming milestones.

  3. Yeah he did. It was stressing us.Yaani it was painful leaving him in school when he is crying his heart out. The teacher had to keep reassuring him that mummy will come for him.Nowadays he is like he wants to go to school on saturdays and sundays


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