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“I Choose not to Have Children” -Taruri Gatere


Have you ever met a woman who has the ability to bear children, but she chooses not to? Well, I have, and I’ve had discussions with them about it. And trust me, their decision to be childless is one that many people, especially in our African community, don’t seem to find favor with. In a society where a woman’s worth is pegged on her ability to bear children (and how many children -and in even more cases -the gender of the children), you can imagine how such women are perceived.

The reason I’m talking about this today is because one such woman -Taruri Gatere recently shared her story on Citizen TV during an interview with Victoria Rubadiri. As you can imagine, her decision has ignited lots of debate. In case you missed the interview, catch it below. Feel free to  share your thoughts too!





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