How my Child Has Been Benefiting from the ‘Be a Star’ Holiday Training Program


Hi guys hope your week is well. So in a previous post of mine I spoke about one exciting activity happening for teens and kids this holiday – the ‘Be a Star’ program. You can catch up with that post here, which I must say has been receiving lots of reviews. Many parents are keen on knowing how they can not only keep their children constructively engaged during this holiday, but also how these activities can work towards helping their children be better individuals; children who grow up with great confidence and a better understanding of who they are and their interests, inner potential and abilities.

By the way, whenever I learn about a product or a service, I’m always even more excited when I hear other moms talk about it -especially those who have used the product/service. Testimonials inch me closer to purchasing the product or service. That’s why today I’m sharing this piece of one parent –Ann Embaro, who for the last three years has been enrolling her son Lenny for the ‘Be a Star’ holiday training boot camps.

Ann supports her son to attend the boot camps because of the changes she observes in him each time he returns home after the training –changes that include renewed zeal and energy about his goals and ambitions for his life. The video shares her testimony.

In the meantime, here are more details about the upcoming ‘Be a Star’ boot camp this holiday:

Venue: Brickwoods School, Nanyuki

Dates:  19 November – 1 December 2017

Ages: 6 – 19 years old

Charges: Kshs 29,500 per child (Inclusive of transport, accommodation, meals, training, medical cover & fun sports)

See this link for more details about the areas to be covered during the training.

You can also call 0729653365 or 0729653209 to talk to the organizers, who will assist you with any questions you may have.

Also see video below to see how the trainings are done.

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